Links I Liked in January 2011 (Part One)

Pictures from Space (from @Astro_Wheels)

Most of these photos have been taken by Astronaut Douglas Wheelock and give some interesting views from outer space as seen by people in the International Space Station.

Return Before You Receive

What if you could return a bad gift before it was ever sent to you? Amazon has recently patented a way for their customers to stop unwanted gifts from every arriving in the first place. What if you could have a setting in your account that automatically converted all gifts from Aunt So-and-So or Mom to cash? Would you use it? Or do you think you should gratefully receive what you have been give? And now can Amazon work on a regifting project?

Many Friends = Large Amygdala?

Researchers have determined that people with a lot of people in social networks or with a lot of friends have a larger amygdala. In this article from Time Magazine, the possible benefits of that finding for people who struggle with depression or autism.

I‘m Playing Augusta This Spring

One of my dreams has always been to play golf at Augusta National. This Spring I will get my chance. According to the story above, Augusta National will be playable for the first time in the upcoming Tiger Woods video game. Not only will I be able to play the course, but will also be able to play the Masters Tournament and win the green jacket. With the game coming out this Spring, there is a good chance I will win a green jacket before Tiger wins another.

My Father, C.S. Lewis

In this interesting article from Guideposts Magazine, Douglas Gresham talks about his stepfather C.S. Lewis. I have been fascinated by the life and writings of C.S. Lewis since I was a teenager. In fact, I wrote my Senior Term Paper on his life. What I especially like about this article is the warmth with which Gresham talks about Lewis. For instance the last lines say this,

Jack Lewis embodied values that sound old-fashioned these days—courtesy, duty, loyalty. He was steadfast in his devotion to me and so I now do my best to remain faithful to him. What would I have done without him, alone there in England with no one to turn to? I had gone as a child hoping to meet a knight in armor from a fairy tale. I got something far better, a father who understood that what children need most of all is unwavering love.


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